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We design and develop high-performance ergonomic spaces with technology reflecting the latest advances in the fields of image, sound, networking, automation and stage systems. ​


Among the services we offer:

  • Needs assessment

  • Feasibility studies – Reports and sketches

  • Program Development

  • Budget analysis

  • Operational Diagrams

  • Functional organization charts

  • Plans and technical specifications

  • Tender documents

  • Tender follow-up

  • Job site monitoring and coordination

  • Concept 3D modeling

  • Inspections

  • Training


Room/stage fittings

Stage house and orchestra pit

Orchestra shell

Technical grid

Stage dressing

Layout of seats or armchairs

Platforms and stage lifts

Network of technical catwalks

Rigging system


Automation for conference rooms
Industrial home automation and automatons
Automation for pits and orchestra shells
Automation for mobile stage and lifts

Motion control for rigging motorization
Show control system
Stage lighting communication system
Architectural Lighting Communication System
Interactive classroom
Interactive voting system


Recording and production studio
Public address system
Wireless broadcast system
Sound system for theaters and large spaces
Masking sound system
Hearing assistive system
Simultaneous translation


Computer network architecture
Audio, video and communication
Wired and Wireless LAN WAN System
Fiber optic network
Cable network infrastructure

Salon de l'Auto 2_edited.jpg
Salon de l'Auto 2_edited.jpg


Recording studio
Production studio
Broadcast studio
Giant LED screen system
Videoconferencing system
Multi-screen projection system
Video over IP


  • Show and concert halls

  • Theaters

  • Conference rooms and major events

  • Museums and heritage sites

  • Teaching places; schools, CEGEPs, auditoriums

  • Field of health ; hospitals, command centers

  • Libraries

  • Cultural centers

  • Sports complexes

  • Aquatic centers

  • Entertainment venues

  • Courthouse

  • Police stations

  • Municipal Council Chambers

  • Production locations

  • Arenas

  • Hotels and bars

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